Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Russell B. Makidon Optics Laboratory Inauguration

Almost two years ago we celebrated the inauguration of the Russell B. Makidon Optics Laboratory.  Construction for the project started in January 2013 and was finished in May 2013.  The photos below show the lab during construction, and the finished product on the day of the inauguration.

  Dr. Mamadau N'Diaye standing in room 136, January 2013.  Room 137 is through the larger door, sharing the isolation pad outlined on the floor.  Room 135 is through the smaller door in the left of the image. 

Room 135 in January 2013.

Looking into room 135 from the electronics room, in February 2013.  The frame of the viewing window is clearly visible.

Room 135 later in February 2013.  The viewing window is barely visible on the left of the image, and the doors leading to 136 and 137 visible on the right.

The inauguration was held on May 9, 2013.  The photos below show off the new lab facility.

   The electronics room, showing the viewing window and the door leading into room 135.

Room 135, with the viewing window on the left and the doors leading to rooms 136 and 137 on the right.

Room 136, with room 137 visible through the open larger door.  The smaller door opens onto room 135.